2019 Tax Return : if this is your first time …

If you are new to Belgium, or if this is the first time you have to file a tax return, these are a few of the things you need to know.

The first time you receive a tax return, it comes in the form of a brown envelope with a tax return and a form to prepare the tax return guide (see p. 10).

You can file a paper tax return or online. Four out of five taxpayers file online, and the number of people who prefer to file paper tax returns is dwindling. Please note that once you file online, the tax authorities assume that you will want to do so again and they will not send you a paper form anymore.

In Belgium married couples and registered partners file jointly but they are taxed separately on the same tax bill (see p. 3).

In your tax return, you declare your income. You don’t report your wealth. If you have overseas bank accounts or insurance policies, all you do is tick a box. You don’t have to give any information about those (see p. 24) but that does not mean that the taxman doesn’t have any information at all (see p. 31).

You don’t have to calculate the tax yourself and you don’t have to pay the tax immediately or enclose a cheque.  This is because most tax is deducted at source; your employer pays your salary net social security and income tax. And if you receive a pension, tax is already deducted as well.

The tax withheld at source will normally cover the tax. However, you still have to declare all your income, and the tax bill will show whether you get any tax back. That may be the case if

And if you have any savings, the bank deducts the tax “at source”; you don’t have to declare the dividends or interest. However, if you have savings with an overseas bank abroad, you must report the income.

If you file in time, the tax bill will be sent to you a few months later, at the latest on 30 June 2020. You have two months to pay the bill; if the bill shows a reimbursement, that will come two months later as well.

If you want to calculate how much tax you will have to pay, you can calculate the tax anonymously on Taxcalc.

Author: Marc Quaghebeur

Marc Quaghebeur is a Belgian tax lawyer with Cabinet DAVID specialising in international tax issues and cross border estate planning. He is a member of the Brussels Bar and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. He

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  1. Hi team!

    I moved to Belgium in October 2018 and started to work in November 2018. My registration process was long (Brussels 1000) and I only got my e-card a couple of weeks ago.
    Until now I still didn’t receive any the taxes information at my address. The deadline do fill the tax return is almost there and I don’t know what am I suppose to do. Can you help me to understand what are the services I must contact?

    Thank you!

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