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  1. Hello Marc,

    Thank you very much for the detailed description on tax filing. I have a question related to dividend and interest from overseas accounts – I understand that there is 800 Euros exemption on code 1444/2444. Is this exemption only on dividends from overseas or is the exemption for both dividend from overseas and interest from foreign banks?

    Thank you!

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      Dear Shriram,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      There are two exemptions :

      1. €980 for interest, if that is paid on a regulated savings account. That can be a Belgian regulated savings account or a regulated savings account in another Member State of the European Economic Area. However, the Belgian tax authorities are giving a restrictive interpretation to the term “regulated” and tend not to accept the exemption for non-Belgian savings accounts.
      2. €800 is for dividends, either from Belgian or from overseas companies.
        1. Belgian companies will have deducted tax at source at 30% and you have to claim back the tax.
        2. overseas companies pay the dividend without deducting any Belgian tax, you deduct €800 from the dividends received and you declare the rest in code 1444 or 2444.

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