2020 Tax Return: Checklist

Hopefully, you have put all the documents you received in one envelope or box: your salary or pension statement for 2017, certificates of donations etc ….

Which documents and certificates do you need to prepare your income tax return:


  • salary statement;
  • holiday pay statement (if not paid by your employer);
  • unemployment benefit statement;
  • illness or occupational injury benefit statement
  • pension statement;
  • all documents evidencing tax deductible expenses relating to your job;
  • g. for self-employed: certificates confirming social security paid, private pension (VAPZ/PLCI) contributions, reimbursement of professional loans;
  • your personal contribution to the mutuelle/ziekenfonds;

If you have real property

  • the annual bill(s) for the property tax (précompte immobilier/onroerende voorheffing);
  • if your tenant is a company or a professional: a summary of the rent received and the identity of the tenant(s);
  • if you have taken out a new mortgage: the certificate delivered by the bank with details of the mortgage;
  • mortgage payment certificate(s);
  • mortgage insurance premium certificate;

If you have income from savings and investments:

  • bank statements showing interest and dividends received;

Certificates justifying deductible expenses:

  • premium(s) paid for ordinary life insurance by way of long-term saving;
  • contributions paid for pension saving;
  • titres-service /dienstencheques;
  • child care payments;
  • personal contribution to public transport season ticket;
  • tax-deductible donations;

Other documents:

  • proof of maintenance paid (+ identity of the beneficiary);
  • summary of maintenance received (+ identity of the payer);
  • certificates relating to energy saving expenses and expenses (with invoices and proof of payment);
  • certificates for expenditure to protect homes against burglary and fire (with invoices and proof of payment);
  • certificate of co-parenting arrangement;
  • advance tax payments;
  • self-employed:

Other useful information:

  • changes in the family situation (marriage, divorce, …);
  • name and date of birth of dependent children;
  • identity of other dependents;

It is also a good idea to start with last year’s tax bill to see which codes you used then..


Your Tax Return :

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