2018 Tax Return – Box X – Other Tax Deductions

Box X is for all sorts of payments or expenses that you have made and for which you can claim a tax reduction. That goes from

  • donations to charities (1394): the minimum is €40 per charity, if you have a tax certificate of the donation, you can recover up to 45% of the donation;
  • childcare (1384): you can deduct €11.2 per day of childcare in a crèche or other after school care centre for children up to 12. If you have children under 3, you may be better off with the additional allowance of €580 for dependents.
  • pension saving (1361/1362),
  • titres services/dienstencheques (3364/4364) and PWA-chèques / cheques ALE allow you to pay for certain personal services, like cleaning. If you pay with the cheques, you can recover 30%, so that you only pay €6.3 for a cheque of €9 in in Flanders and 15% in Brussels, the maximum is €1,440 per spouse or partner. In Wallonia the tax reduction is 10% with a maximum of 150 titres.
  • investments to make your house energy efficient


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Author: Marc Quaghebeur

Marc Quaghebeur is a Belgian tax lawyer with Cabinet DAVID specialising in international tax issues and cross border estate planning. He is a member of the Brussels Bar and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. He

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