2021 Tax Return: Box X – Other Tax Deductions

Box X is for all sorts of payments or expenses that you have made and for which you can claim a tax reduction. That goes from

  • gifts to charities (1394): the minimum is €40 per charity, if you have a tax certificate from the charity, you can recover up to 60% of the gift by reducing your tax bill (that is due to Covid, the normal deduction is 45%);
  • childcare (1384): you can deduct €13 per day of expenses for childcare in a crèche or in other after school care centre for children up to 12. If you have children under 3, you may be better off with the additional allowance of €610 for dependents;
  • pension saving (1361/1362); you can pay up to €980 per year to a pension savings fund or insurance, that can give you a tax saving of 30% or €294; you can opt for a 25% tax saving with a maximum of €1,260, the saving is €315. If you pay more than €980 in pension savings, the taxman will assume you opt for the 25% tax saving. Also keep in mind that when you get a tax reduction now, when you turn 60, the bank will deduct 8% tax even if you continue pension saving.
  • titres services/dienstencheques 3365/4365, but 3363/4363 in Flanders) and PWA-chèques / cheques ALE allow you to pay for certain personal services, like cleaning. If you pay with these cheques, you can recover 15% in Brussels on a maximum of €1,500 per spouse or partner; that is €225, so that you only pay €7.65 for a cheque of €9. In Flanders, you recover 30% or €450. In Wallonia, the tax reduction is 10% with a maximum of 150 titres, that is €150 per spouse or partner.
  • If you have legal expenses insurance, you can report the premium (1344/2344) with a maximum of €310 per year and that can give you a tax saving of 30% or €93.

Your tax return :

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