2021 Tax Return: Tax on Securities Accounts

In 2018 Belgium introduced a wealth tax; in 2019, the Constitutional Court declared the tax discriminatory and annulled the tax … for the future.  This means that you had to pay the tax the last time in 2020.

This year, the tax is not due.

However, the government has introduced a new Tax on Securities Accounts that will be due as of next year.

The main change is that the tax is not due per taxpayer who has one or more securities or brokerage accounts worth more than €500,000. The tax is due per account that is worth more than €1,000,000. This means that a taxpayer who has an account worth more than €1,000,000 still has to pay the tax. However, a taxpayer who has two accounts worth €600,000 will not have to pay the tax anymore.

Your tax return:


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