In these Covid-19 times, many of us are starting to go back to work having worked from home for over a year now. still trying to work from home. The government is trying to make life a bit easier with some tax measures (see “Taxes in Corona Times”) but they do not give us any respite for filing our taxes.

Even the taxmen and women have been confined at home and non-essential tax audits have been put on hold. However, they had some WFH-experience as the tax administration has been experimenting with teleworking for some years now. This is why the tax returns have already dropped in our letterboxes and we do not get an extension to file our tax returns.

30 June is the deadline for filing paper tax returns. If you file online, you have another two weeks, until 15 July.

Yes, it’s tax return time again.

Whether you are new to Belgium or have been filing your tax return here for years, you may have several questions. We will address some of these questions and we will address some other questions you didn’t know you had.

Your Tax Return :

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Marc Quaghebeur is a Belgian tax lawyer with Cabinet DAVID specialising in international tax issues and cross border estate planning. He is a member of the Brussels Bar and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. View more posts

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