Tax Return: Box V – Pensions

Box V is for pensions and other similar income. Your state pension goes in code 1228/2228 and a survivor’s pension goes in 1229/2229. The tax that has been deducted goes in code 1225/2225. Other pensions such as the complementary pension paid by a pension fund or other pension schemes are to be reported usually under code 1211/2211. Pensions paid by the European Institutions are not …

Tax Return: Box III – Real Estate

In box III, you declare the income from any real estate you may own, that can be actual rental income you receive or the theoretical income from a second or third residence. If you only own the house you live in, you don’t need to declare anything at all, unless you rent out part of your house. If you have a second residence, you need …


EU Officials after Brexit

It is official now. The UK is not part of the EU anymore. Many people struggle with the new rules that govern how the UK and EU will live, work and trade together. Brexit will also affect many Brits living and working in Belguim, including EU officials, British EU officials living and working in the EU, (non-British) EU officials living and working in the UK, …

France Upholds Broad Interpretation of Permanent Establishment

In a recent landmark decision, the French Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that a French company can qualify as a dependent agent, and as such be the permanent establishment of an Irish affiliated company, if it habitually exercises the authority to conclude contracts in the name of that company, even though formal consent to these contracts can only be given by the Irish affiliate. (Conseil …

The US ends corporate anonymity

Shell companies that conceal the identity of a company’s true owners facilitate crime and corruption. Most countries have put an end to such anonymity. The U.S.A. has finally followed suit by adopting the Corporate Transparency Act that obliges the true beneficiaries to disclose their identity.

The final decision on the double taxation of French Dividends?

The Belgian Supreme Court has – for the second time – confirmed that the double taxation treaty between Belgium and France, Belgium must give a tax credit for the French withholding tax on French dividends against the Belgian withholding tax. The Belgian tax authorities cannot hide behind the text of the Belgian tax code to deny Belgian taxpayers the benefit of the Belgium-France tax treaty. …


New Tax Rules for Overseas Properties

The European Court of Justice has ordered Belgium to change its rules on the taxation of overseas properties and to pay a penalty of €2 million and a daily payment of €7,500 (for prior coverage see here). Discrimination of owners of overseas properties. In the case of real property in Belgium, whether that is a second residence or a buy-to-let, the tax is calculated on …

Gift tax and the ‘cheese route’

Belgians have suddenly discovered that there is a “cheese route” and that it has been closed today A “cheese route”? The “kaasroute” as even French speakers call it is a cheesy joke. It is supposed to be the road to the Netherlands where Belgians can make gifts of cash, shares or bonds before a notary free of gift tax and, therefore, inheritance tax. Since 15 …

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Help! I received a tax return from the Belgian taxman…

Pensioner under the sun

I live in Cyprus and I just received a tax return from the Belgian tax authorities that must be filed by 3 December.
My husband worked in Belgium years ago, I never lived there. He died seven years ago. I now receive a widow’s pension.
I never received an income tax return – and neither did he.
Why do I get one now?