Tax Return: Box IX – Mortgages

In box IX you mostly report interest and mortgage payments to buy your main residence (under I) or another property (under II).

The tax incentives to buy your main residence are a regional matter and you will see that the codes relating to your main residence start with a 3 (for him, on the left) or a 4 (for her). The rules depend on whether you live. In Wallonia, it is called “chèque habitat“. Brussels Capital region has kept the old federal rules for mortgages taken out until 2016 but replaced these deductions with a reduction on the purchase tax of 12.5%.  Flanders has kept the “woonbonus” for mortgages until 2019 but since 2020 replaced it with a lower purchase tax (3%).

The rules introducing incentives to buy property change every couple of years, the notary and the bank can advise you on the possibilities

If you buy a second property, you are entitled to federal tax benefits (under II). That is mostly a deduction of the interest. .

If you file online, a wizard helps you complete your tax return for most mortgages taken out after 2004. The taxman knows, from the bank, how much you paid in capital reimbursements and interest and the wizard helps you claiming the correct tax deductions. It does not, however, optimise the deductions for you.

Your tax return:

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